“Dibaka” by MJ30


“L’ amour est une personne” by Michel Bakenda ft. Steve Mwanza

“Shipende” by Madia

“Lac Munkamba” by Bayuda du Congo

Lac Munkamba est un lac sacré au Kasayi.


“Kanguluba” by Bayuda Du Congo


“Les anges et Les saints SM Sanga balende” by Itshal

SM Sanga Balende is the #1 football club in Kasayi, based in Mbuji-Mayi. There, there is also AS Bantous and in Kananga, there is US Tshinkunku.
The song is praising SM Sanga Balende Wa Banjelu ni Bansantu who has been pretty successful these past few years. We wish them to soar even higher and stronger! Congolese football is good!


“Mudwilu mudi muntu” by Daniel Kashala